NHCA's methodology

We establish a rigorous methodology for each analytics project.

By leveraging research-backed insights, we construct a precise causal model of the required complexity.

We operationalize the variables included in the model, utilizing all available organizational data for analysis.

Our approach involves ongoing collaboration with our clients to enhance the proposed model, striving for the highest level of contextualization and customization.

We prepare the unique data set by cleaning, mapping, and merging all available data. Our analysis is executed in STATA, where we create new codes for each stage of the model, ensuring precision and accuracy. To bolster the validity of our findings, we conduct all necessary robustness checks.

We provide multiple iterations of statistical analyses, aiding in the development of meaningful narratives that effectively convey the results. We emphasize the importance of interpreting these outcomes within the organizational context, ensuring they are both actionable and impactful.

In summary, our expertise and analytical capabilities empower us to craft precise research inquiries, construct tailored causal models, create context-specific measurements, rigorously test them, and narrate compelling stories.


"We recieved robust academic research and practical know-how that informed our Equal Pay strategy”

Head of Rewards

of a  Scandinavian bank