Our Value Proposition

Nordic Human Capital Advisory equips organizations with capabilities needed to excel in evidence-based management through actionable research and people analytics solutions.

    • We support companies to maximize value creation from human capital & mitigate risks

    • We help organizations improve their evidence-based decisions within the areas of diversity & inclusion,equal pay for equal work, leadership, engagement & well-being, talent attraction, development and retention, performance management, employee recognition, rewards, HR automation and more

    • We help develop HR’s capabilities within (aspiring) data-driven organizations

    Why Nordic Human Capital Advisory?

    • Combination of robust academic research and practical know-how inform our consulting and learning approach
    • Rich experience with building people analytics capability within organizations
    • Deep expertise in research, statistics and the digital transformation of work
    • Insights tailored for the Northern European context
    • Comprehensive service delivery through a broad partner network – serving all needs
    • Great people, and competitive rates

    Why evidence-based management?

    In NHCA we believe that managers can make better decisions about human capital when they are guided by the best logic and solid evidence.

    Evidence-based management is a knowledge-intensive, capacity-building way to think, act, organize and lead (Denise Rousseau). Its practice incorporates:

    • use of scientific rigor in decisions & management
    • attention to the unique organizational context
    • improving judgment through critical thinking
    • stakeholder approach to implementation